Love saying !!!

1) The more i talk to you, the more i miss you. the more i miss you, the more i realize you don't miss me.

2)Our memories together will fade in time, now that we are apart. But you will always own a piece of my heart.

3)No more words no more lies let it go before it dies Hear the words hear the pain the last of love ends in vain. Sweet start, bitter end,

4)"I'll no longer play with fire, I'm so tired of getting burned.My soul has been left in ashes- my lesson has been learned." ~ Meesa Caudill

5)Relationships are like broken glass. Sometimes, your better off leaving things broken, instead of hurting yourself more, trying to fix something that you can't.

6)Just wish I could block these feelings for someone that doesn't give a damn about me 

7)No matter how busy you get, make time for the people you love, If u don't make time for them, they'll stop making time for you. Then, when no1 is there, blame yourself.

8)I don't understand why we continue to love the same person that hurt us, yet refuse to love the person that will always love us .

9)You'll never understand how bad it hurts till you're the one with your heart shattered on the floor.

10)Wish to get far from you.But i just can't control myself and keep on get near with you.

11)Why am I wasting all my time with you when I'm not worth a second worth yours? 

12)You re the only one owned my heart .But you not need it and just left it a side.

13)If you only knew how hard it was for me to walk away from you. But that is what you want, I'd do anything for you.I'll be waiting for you to come back. 

14)It's amazing how much pain your heart has to feel and how many tears you have to cry in order to get to that place where you can see that you deserve better.

15)I wish the one who re kissing your lips and hugging is me.

I don owned all this i just copy. And edit some of them .

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