Semangat Karate xD

Dear diary,
Today i have a high spirit in karate :') I am so happy about that.Because since a long time i don't really pay attention when karate lesson.I always thought about him . So become so silly now.I have a really high spirit.Each punch i give out is for him.Take it !Awesome kick and punch for him.Surely if i have chances to do that he will die badly in my hand.Btw lazy to talk about him.Continue about my karate.So this Saturday i have grading test . I'm so excited about that.Yohoooo! And Lim Jia Zhen my karate Buddy! Same like me not soft type one. Happy lor with her. Karate club go camp ~ I go , she go She go , i go ~She is different then other girl :) She is not girly one ! So while during my practice i cant understand what wrong with that boy . KEEP ON LOOKING AT ME! Feel like wanna show him ! Nah middle finger baby...Awesome right this middle finger which really for you .

I hate the way you look at me ! XD .My backbone seriously critically injured because my heavy beg 
Btw i am searching for Mr.Right at Kulim. I dont want couple in facebook i should back to real world again.Long distance relationship hurt me so badly for several or maybe many times ..Who should i love?This teenage life i dont waste it on boring style life !
Bye Diary
Jececlyn ~