Dear Diary

Feel so empty right now . Feel sad . Hurm. You know how worst it re ? When seeing someone you love re sad but more sad and hurt when you try to cheer up him , it does not work at all . At the end ,he want to be leave to be alone . How broken i am . I really wanna you to be happy but i know it not that easy even i am at ur place i do feel the same. I should understand you, it is not easy. Yes Jess you shouldn't be that selfish , he need his time. Seriously , i feel guilty coz of Khairil Pmr result until now . I think it is my fault he get that worst result. And now i don't wanna it happen to his Spm . What should i do ? Should i leave? i don't wanna destroy his SPM , his Future , His Dream . :( This not PMR but SPM. I really worry it gonna happen again. :'( i really dont know what should i do. I just could pray for him  . Tomorrow moon cake party ? Lol Form 2 gonna dance Oppa Gangnam Style . Shame shame . Then jumaat trip to penang yea! It is 14 rite? :( tk pa la 14 je , mean less to him bukannya sambut or wish so napa aku kesah sangat rite :) Go go jess Go .

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