Afraid Of Being Stranger

Dear Diary,
Listening Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson . That song represent my feeling . Will you love me? Even with my dark side? Answer me ! :'( Will you ? Can you?  Silly Jess he won't answer you . Hmm yeah that is right .Even he do read this i never understand what is on his mind . He never let me , he likes to look his true feeling deeply inside . I can't understand , yes human change . Hey you , you really so hard to understand , i dont know what is on your mind , so i wanna say sorry if i said something that kinda hurt . :')

Our relationship kinda fine for me now . I don't know how you really feel for me . You might love me today , but not tomorrow. I feel comfortable be with you because i don't have to act like i was that 'Type Of Girl ' . I can make stupid jokes , talk like a jerk when i'm with you . And when with my ex i can't even being like this .So really make me feel so good when text'ing you . You don't 3 or 10 minute to reply , i feel i been appreciated .But once you reply late it will make me wait for you whole day . Yeay fuck that up. OMG bad words :x Hahaha joking i m not mad  for that. ..

Stranger will we be one day? I don't want it to happen serious . I dont want it.The memory . I don't want us be stranger with memory. Flash the memory together , i smiled like a silly even laugh like Siao Pooo. HAHAHA . . McD , library , get bully , jacket , skype everything . A deep memory . I always see my phone wallpaper before i sleep . I never forget the moment being together.. But , every time i remember that tweet t i admit diary i am broken ! Every time flash i cry !!!! I try find strength inside of me but i can't . I can't ,how could i forget ...But i be strong. Yeay ..I don't wanna be stranger with you . Don't leave , don't move on first . :') I 'm not weak , i just hate being broken heart girl. Don't crush my heart into million pieces ...*rasa sakit kepala* btw tengah chat dengan dia . I love you that simple.Continue loving me . Because you know i love you so much

P/s : I', m sensitive with the word . But i can't cries out , i just need to be strong.Sometimes people will love me more than i love them . I can't control myself from care too much than cry  . Why i love you that much?