Kena dera exam

Dear Diary ,

I gone for a long time .Why? I just have nothing to say . Maybe or tired . I just finished my exam that started last friday. Ya kinda freaking . Form 3 first time.But kinda work hard and struggle much for this time . Since i'm last batch of Pmr . :) . I need to study hard even i am so lazy . Because i'm don't want to depend other men or boy. I m girl that live in reality . No prince . It just a fairytale. I don't talk to other boy at school. Well i did. But surely i gonna be rude with them. Why? Coz that how i behave since i primary. When talking face to face to boy . There is a strong feeling that define as HATE . Well not to every boy or men la. So just ignored  it. I so sad about math i guess i gonna fail . :( I have not enough time . So sad . ERT same becaus e im too concentrate oh Sejarah. And lastly i Got A for Sejarah even do sejarah test today. I check . I got 9 wrong over 60 . not bad right even do it really not awesome . But see i did struggle .From C to A .Not bad even do still need to improve . I try my best . I try to be not lazy heeee LALALA . btw video sangat sedih :'(SAD LOVE STORY mama dah balik indo but tomorrow mama is back.datuk meninggal i have no commeny

Mama please be strong. Cuti sekolah menanti. Maybe same life . Nothing much . Buang masa ,anime , youtube. :) Between still any loyal stalker? Apa pun thanks for reading. Maybe i guess i have many thing to share but im lazy to type ..Btw today someone ask , you n bf how? *name ex*  . Kami break hampir setahun. I have nothing much to comment about this. I guess tired of love any men or boy. When their eye ,dont really have me . Martian boy already extinct , even really exist i will never be that lucky ... Aku ok je , Takde laki je pun. ME ULTRAMEN?Fine tomorrow dia ambil result so hopefully result dia oke. Exam memang meletihkan. .

P/S : You can tell any woman you love them , but not every men can show it. Easy to say hard to do it. I never wait for a prince. Prince does not exist in my life. Real men ? Just a part of mask that make girl fall and suffer. I guess there will be never the guys like in this statement "There is always gonna be that one girl that's prettier than you , but you've just gotta find that one guy that doesn't care.'' :') Heart broken just a part of growing right? I just tired of your test that make me jealous , cry and broken . Im tired of your game. I wasn't a toy you got the wrong monster this time

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