#Part 1 Pet's Life *Hamster*

Hey reader ,

I hope you guys re fine .Actually im not really in mood but i think maybe update blog may make me feel better . I don't feel happy or excited for 1 hour gonna come . I dont think my birthday re something happy to me anymore . Life sucks yea , but my life re nothing compare to them that in a poor country . :) so be grateful and happy right even you re know . If you re sad then they will say youre not grateful so ya im fuvking HAPPY ! Ya totally happy. Pft FUCK. Thanks for make me worry and spoil my mood .

Ok forget about it , alright about my pet ok ya i have few hamster at my house about 10 or 7 i guess or more sorry i didnt count alright i wanna share a video of my hamster

Actually this re more longer but i just edit ya . I try to record this moment a few time because i just click record and my hamster already run away . HAHA . See awesome right , so please this video credit belong to me because it is my hamster !Sorry if the video quality sucks but when it play on my phone the quality re tip top ! So wanna have a hamster as pet? It will be a good choice heee but if good this smart hamster like mine then opss XD
Yang ni ialah mama panda but dah jadi nenek panda sebab anak dia dah pun beranak comey aje . Wa aku and my family da jadi moyang la ye ? ^^ Mama panda ni memang dah bam bam haha keja gigit besi dia ni kuat gigi dia mcm manusia yg pakai Colgate !

HAHA ni hamster yang cuba larikan diri kotak haha nak bawa pergi kedai papa untuk dijual yang ini. Bulu je lebat padahal badan kecik je . Kawaii Na! Ops kaki aku bulu banyak jugak la kan =.='' ignore it baby ! focus on that little monster

Sekian terima kasih , well thank baby reading my blog . See i say update blog re always cheer up you. So what re you waiting for ? Create a blog now ! ^^ saranghae annyeong and again happy birthday Mr.Army ^^ 5 June

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