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yo , helo bello .

hello to all reader n hater  miss me ? im back to my blogger life. so ya . i have not much stories just like other 98 batch "mereput" waiting to death hahaha. same old love

What actually happen to my relationship status .i know many might  know some of my friend this special man exist. so to be clear what happen in this 2014 &2015 . many might know if you catch up my blog that i really rare update about my love story the emo girl in love . so ya .  In relationship with this ultramen . in middle of it i cheat because of few problem . nah typical start to judge . i dont mind fXCKER . i'm not perfect not born to be perfect in everything. why can't i be loyal ? everyone have limit maybe it reach my limit so i cheated on him. i fall this man not that deep at first but after a long time i guess more deep and deep until know. our relationship go on and off keep on. i guess it reach this man limit he don't want me anymore ya surely for my bad attitude . ya hater you surely know how bad how worst im right . my attitude  totally bad in relationship not systematic at all . sorry for any typo here or grammar error . i guess my imperfection of me reach his limit so he decided to leave this complicated cycle. yes between my spm and trial he leave me not anyone fault but mine own fault no one should be blame calm down typical bitch hold you tits and dick . dont be so judgmental on me. yes that man make a good choice im proud of him he finally brave enough to walk of my life . i was totally broken but luckily my current bf take care of me with his best to bring back my confident and take me away from keep on lost in my broken heart girl world.  i still sad? yes. But normal like every wound take time maybe this might take a bit longer but ya i still gonna recover .

If im not mistaken this man also have a better Gf i dont know whether true or not but surely why not right for what wasting his time on somebody that immature and not stable in relationship. he deserve to find girl who willing to be his everything . But if everything go back to beginning , i might not start this relationship because he really a nice man . I miss the moment is OTP with him .whyv?
because he taught me so many thing that i won't know that easy , about his hardship there which very cool . and many thing and funny moment in camp and the bad man jamil or something i forget the name. i knew him since i was 12 years old . we share to many stories and he really motivate me with his life story and make me remember to stay strong . to his current gf you re lucky he is very nice guy but don't worry i wont no matter how much i miss that memory i respect you guys relationship and wont even dare to try to get him back. so chill beb. i have my bf now which love me very much. i trust one day i will love my bf (ultramen) like before . it just need time .i surely time will heal everything. everything take time . be confident *smile* i need to bring back my flaw that he took away when he leave . so ya gambate !! go go go jess go  .honestly aku rasa diri aku hodoh gila sekarang so now i need to take my confident back & trust myself !TEHEEEE . BYE esok ada kelas memandu. To all ladies yg tgh putus cinta , nasihat aku simple sabah , tabah let time heal your wound trust god have prepared everything better at the end only for those willing to wait. lagi satu kalau ada jodoh ke mana tak perlu paksa lelaki , lelaki tak suka dia rasa semak . dah kawin tak tentu last long ni pula nak get back kalau tuhan da set his is not your jodoh then he is no matter how hard you try you as a human just need to pray agar dia jodoh kau trust maybe sekarang kau tak dapat dia but who knew after 10 years right ? muacks sikit jgn sedih sedih ya !omo lemas tiba tiba play lagu fifty shade of grey haha bye nnti pi england nak beli buku dia complete baca puas puas sorry aku bukan gila seks just you wont understand my world

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