:( again..tired of my life...

My life going my worst ? I dont know.. I am not happy now.. School... Why i work so hard ? I am not the assistance in the class anymore.. Why i go there and here searching .. It is not more job.. No one appreciate me..Non one of them telling thank you to me. I walk here and there.Just to find a place for them. But do they appreciate me?? No no .. Feel like i am nothing.. No one care.. I even hurt my hand at the school. So pain.. 
:'( no one appreciate me.. I feel wanna just go to heaven and stay beside God.. But i keep on going coz i don want my parent sad .. My father work so hard for me.. I promise myself to give a good life to my parent..:'(
Teacher also same.. I mean one of the teacher.. Disciplined teacher.. U say.. i as prefect how can i have a hairstyle like that.. Complain about me.. Teacher i wanna say something.. Even do i break the school rules.. i work harder than them who don break the school rules..Just because i have a great hair style u keep on complain.. U re not me.. U dont know me..Even i am not so gud in my study.. but work hard..:'(
No one care.. no one .. only good.. :'( God pls make me more stronger to go through all this.. I really so tired of my suck life.. Luckily i still have my parent.. I go more stronger..Because i wanna give them a gud life.. Or not sure..now i am not human anymore..:(

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