Bitch Girl !

Dear Diary ,
Good morning . Today i gonna tell you about a bitch . Yeay a new bitch . I never though to hate this girl but seriously her fucking shit attitude.How she become a bitch ? I thought that girl was a nerdy girl but now tup tup come to my boyfriend it is over. Don't that bitch know who i am ? In the school afternoon session non of them dare to make me angry and now you ! Who fucking shit you re.Kebulur abang sangat ke kau? Dah tak sedar diri ke? At school seriously nerdy .Tengok macam nerd baik je.Tapi gedik nak mampus. Wow , aku tak serang kau sebab aku tak sekejam tu nak bagi penampar. Aku just gonna sound it . Terasa ke tak nanti . Surely terasa right la dah kau buat kerja camtu . Nak aku maafkan kau ? Not that easy , just because of you i am bad mood whole day . I cant smile , i feel tired a lot. What i feel whole day was hurt. Because of you bitch ,And now aku kena dengan pakwe aku , aku menyemak berangkat angkat pasal hal ni walaupun pakwe aku tak ambik kesah. Because i am afraid of losing , because i love him. But what i get ? I am annoying . Why ? This is not fair babe . You dont know how i feel . Because i love you much than you know .
Could try to being at my place . Seeing some you love surrounded girls. How it feel ? Don't it hurt? When one day you afraid he gonna forget you , he started stop look at you , started to get more far away ?The tears i am having and pain mean nothing to you maybe . But not that easy to hold on.Bitch girl i hate you a lot :( you already have boyfriend why still wanna disturb him ?
I care , we fight . Thanks again showing me how i not supposed to care .

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