The biggest smile hide the biggest pain.

Dear diary

im been gone for a long time, i was tired . really tired. my birthday just like that . everything is fine.i got beg from mama. mr.j give me key chain , teddy and leg bracelet . exam teruk btw . diary i really tired. im sad. i 'm speechless. i really tired being a human. so tortured me. I didnt cry , because im out of tear when i cry each time i hurt and end up no one care. i really tired. I have many thing to think. i put myself in pressure. So the pressure keep on pushing so i stayed stronger. But i worry i might get stuck and fall never wake up again. Im really so tired. im speechless . I show no emotion on my face, i smile . i act like im ok , im nothing because im tired. i go through many pain. My life is meanless ,i survive for my father. My life mean , i stay breathing because i wanna to repay my father for taking good care of me.I know m pain mean nothing compared to other. I know god love me he giving me test. He want me to be the stronger . But God , i get tired. im not strong. im enough going those pain. Love , Friendship , family crumple together . im stuck.. I wonder how other go through .Maybe this is my destiny. I try my best. I know i have no choice i can't fight the faith , the destiny that had written by God. Im just human. I just let everything go as it was written. im tired. really tired, now i started feel immune of those pain. The pain make me so hard to breath . it was fully everything stuck in my heart. i found no space for me to breath for myself. i need to be strong. I know i m tired. i will be strong enough being god side. im lost, i wish lend my head on his shoulder and closed my eye . take a deep rest let the pain gone for a while. i will be stronger, i promise
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