Lying myself

Dear blog

Exam just finished i sure most of them also stress about this time exam.Even do they got soalan bocor .Well i did but i try my best ignores those paper .Well kinda regret when it come out the same as the paper bocor i get but i wont feel guilty because i didnt see.

Im not sure how my result going :( but i try my best .Where i go for this school holiday ?No where :)

Wechat , twitter , facebook and etc.From wechat i have more chinese friend and most of them re 20 above creepy right ? But one of them re like my father n uncle.and one of them falling in love with me , serious not logic at all.Im too young la men . The way he act really like my ex the type super gentlemen . Btw my little sia just move in to my room today no privacy:/ but nevermind ultramen also not call or skype so nothing so mean i guess

Lying Myself So I Can Be Happy . Ultramen , saya tak harap awak stay Kl lama , saya suruh tinggal lama dekat Kl sebab im protecting my heart.You know im so broken after come back from indonesia , i feel so damn rejected when i say i wanna meet you but you say you cant go . Fuhh , i wish when my birthday you at KL so i can find a reason comfort myself you cant celebrate with me cause when you re far. I said plan to go out alone , on my birthday just to find a reason not to be that broken. I will be so broken if i knew you at Kulim so near but still cant celebrate with me , but you can celebrate other girl birthday . I knew you cant be myside on my birthday but i still wish u re. Ash ask me to ask him out , but i cant . Im afraid.Ada kawan cakap nak bagi hadiah , tanya nak hadiah pa.Aku rasa tanya je mesti tak bagi punya.
Ada orang nak belanja , n teman me on my birthday the one in love with me and our age re too much differentT,T apa patut aku buat ? Ultramen , why can't you just appear on my birthday , you can't coz im too ugly , and fat .  :') keep on lying myself heee :'DD

im trying being happy

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