I Don't Want You To Get Hurt

Hai ,

How re you all ? Hopefully you all doing fine and keep happy always okay . Well my Trial result dont really good 4'A and 3'B haha i get B for English , Bahasa Malaysia and Ert . Ya like seriously ? Why i get B for those subject i dont mind actually getting B for ERT because i really hate that subject but from now i try my best to fall in love.  Yesterday i went to Yi Jing house my bestie house .Yes i really love ''lepak'' at her house. Hahaha. But she have to go tuition at 1 o'clock so i just sleep at her room while waiting her back.Her parent know me so im not really that shy at her house.  :)

I dont want who to get hurt? Ultramen ? Nope , i dont want yi jing to get hurt. She is my bestie i love her very much we re like sister. HAHA we always share beauty tips and etc . We love each other like Bff. I told before she get back to her Ex . Now they break up again their relationship is really complicated for me i don't know how. But what i know her Bf purposely do that to her. Why ?  You show yi jing your message with other girl how 'sweet' you with that girl for what ? If you think that good way to make her , show her jealous you re wrong . Yi jing re not that type that show her 'Girl' feeling in front of boy. She act like she don't care but deeply inside i know she is crying because she love him. If she don't she won't give his Ex that many chances . I know she is serious . But why boy ? Can't you see she only love you after a thousand boy pass by her side she still wanna you even she do said it to me . But i know . She always told herself not to fall for you anymore you re just fooling her but she ended up crying at night . She hide her tears in her biggest smile. Yi Jing re not toy. :'( I'm pity of her because he really is a jerk .Even do i have being cheated before by my ex but non of them re that worst .Because mostly i don't fall in love too much as i should .HAHA . That was my past okay i was immature that time. Now is different.

Dear Yi Jing Ex , I don't know which HELL you really from but i know you make her cry more than she deserve maybe Yi Jing make mistakes too but why ? You need to fool her that badly.  I know Yi Jing still wanna Him . But Yi Jing do you think she wont Do that again to You ? You deserve better .  :') I wish i could take away your pain . Do really wanna get back to him ? I know it wasn't that easy . Because im not you so i dont know what you go through but i just tired seeing you get hurt when you deserve to be happy always.  

Me and Ultramen ? We re fine for now . I don't know how long could we stay . When my friend asked me  'hey you still couple with Him?'' me , ''Yes, haha''. Friend '' wow ! both of you still together !'' haha that feeling really amazing . Thankfully this month i get the opportunity to meet him for several times , haha normally i meet him once a month . So really glad i can spend more time with him .Because next month i might can't anymore because I have to struggle with PMR . I can't let my parent disappoint , and i wish to tell the true i have been with ultramen for long time , but if only ultramen allow me . If he don't want to i will also just stay quiet . Ultramen really doesn't effect my study . He always asked me to study for exam , ask me to sleep early . See ? Love not really that worst . He is not that bad or playful as others taught  just they don't know the real he is . I will also wanna apologize to him ^^ because this week or maybe this month really so hard for him to handle my MOOD. :)

Bye all take care . Good luck all.

Embedded image permalink acting like lesbo . hahaa we totally crazy . im kissing yi jing ? nope just posing niaaa XD

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