:'( Baby Gone Forever ..

Hai everyone..

Today is bad day for me . Maybe this whole month is the worst month for me . . Can anyone help me erase all those painful memory. Today is second day i go through without my baby goldfish.. Today i'm stronger than yesterday but i guess soon re not. When i started talk about Baby..The day i after i write about Baby mean the next day after the entry .. i lost my baby , forever ..yes forever..

I still remember the next day , my baby condition re better very much . My baby can swim in the right way and when i touch baby i can feel baby is recovering and really stronger baby body. I taught i won't be separated with my baby . Because finally baby is stronger. But no im not. Im so regret i went for jogging that day and didnt even take a look at baby before i went for i jogging and i lost baby forever . Forever in my life even i come back i didnt take a look , after take my bath i went to take a look i can't find baby at the outside aquarium with other sick fish . I taught baby have been placed back to aquarium inside the house . So im happy i went into my room for awhile then i went out back ..To check the aquarium .. So weird how come baby re not there . Where re my baby ?

So i saw papa , i decide to ask papa . And papa just simply say .... he throw already because the fish sick and he don't want effect other fish . Before he finish his word . I just turn and went into my room because i feel like wanna fainted . Because im very sure baby re recovering and baby condition re better it mean baby have been throw in alive . I feel i can't stand is like a part of me have gone ! I can't blame papa .. he don't know . But what should i do..When enter my room my tears started to fall like a heavy rain.. That seem never mean to stop..29/10/2013 this date ! I never forget it i swear i hate this day . Forever !!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh. For everyone i lost just a goldfish . But when actually baby took away a part of me with it . ..No one can really understand this pain. Who care's ? Just a goldfish.. but .. they really understand how pain could it be. Is like losing a family member or maybe more pain then that. How could i won't be sad . ........When i went back to home from school i feel wanna cry because yea.. oh ya..baby re gone . I don't even have chance to have baby dead body for me ... :'( feel like dying ..i dont want write much.. im tired of cryingUntitled

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