My Baby , Goldfish

Hai everyone , this time ..

Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan , tetapi tidak terlalu awal ke untukmu pergi dari hidup ku ?

I admit i try to be happy and go on . I can still smile but it is a lie if im not sad about my gold fish named Baby . I love this name because is simple and Ultramen call me baby so i feel so warm calling my goldfish baby . Well actually , my daddy brought it , well i start fall in love with Baby after a few week Baby in aquarium . Baby re so nice , Baby head re totally different then other gold fish . Haha eee so geram laa i see Baby . I don't know what's wrong with the aquarium actually , because the fish always gonna sick . Im sure something wrong with the water , i guess not enough oxygen but im not pro in this stuff so i can't comment any .

Well .. yes a bad news for me . My Baby is sick and Baby condition re more worst as time pass by , Baby orange colour head started to change to pale & dots started appeared on his head , near his head ... Baby stop swimming like last time , and now he can't swim in the right way always gonna be upside down. Not only , Baby same go to other goldfish . All this time i don't pay attention a lot until his colour started change. I guess im too late?   Well mama move the goldfish that re on terrible condition to the outside blue aquarium kinda like how ya to describe. hmmm.. Yes baby move there today with other sick fish. My heart sorrow i told myself no as long baby re not there !! . But when i just come back from school my sister told me , Baby re at there..I spend my day at home with Baby . I try best to make Baby better . But i guess it don't work much .  It really tearing my heart slowly , watching one and one goldfish just dead in front of me , even i try did something but i still can't ..

Haha i did silly thing i kiss Baby , i blow Baby , because i know i still have the chance to do that so . Tak disangka air mata aku akan jatuh bila tengok Baby berenang terbalik dan bila nampak baby susah nak nafas dan berenang , bertapa pilu hati aku. . Sorry Baby , i can't do anything .. im not a good owner .. sorry.. For others , it just a fish kenapa nak emo sangat ? But bagiku dia bagai teman ku yang ku lepaskan perasaanku tanpa kata mahupun bicara melihatnya berenang cukup memberi ku ketenangan . Baby tak akan baby nak tinggalkan mama kan ? My baby re strong right  ? :')  Mama tunggu baby kembali ke aquarium besar dan berenang bersama ikan yang lain ! ..Walaupun hanya seekor ikan di mata anda tapi bukan kepada saya . Aku tak nak kehilangan Baby :'(  Please God ... I can't face it .. I don't mind facing nightmare every night , wake up on 3am because of nightmare ..but please everything bad gonna happen to my family , friend , love one , everyone and baby just nightmare , please ..:'( . Sometimes i rather i hold their pain then seeing they face it and go through it.
 from left the second one haha ya big one so hard oo to take Baby pics move here and there but now.. :'(

P/s : Hargailah sementara masih ada , jangan pernah butakan hati dan mata . Lihatlah orang dikeliling kita yang setia disisi kita dan senantiasa ada untuk kita. Jangan kita bodoh sia-siakan mereka. Love you guys be happy always , smile and go on :') One help pray for my Baby , for you just a fish but not to me .

Sorry for any mistakes i make . Sorry to ultramen too. Idk you gonna see this or not but i'm sorry . :) love u

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