boring and saja buat poem

A step and a step ,
I will leave my footprint behind ,
I will leave my shadow behind ,
I will move to a new page ,
Each time i fall ,
I told myself to never look back ,
But my mind re opposite of it ,
It keep playing memory of yesterday ,
Everything seem so fast ,
Why i'm here ?
Who changes me ?
Is him or her ?
Or the world ?
Sometimes i miss the innocent me ,
But i should never be anymore ,
How could i keep on survive if im innocent ,
They re cruel ,
I sincerely love them ,
But they pay back me with scars ,
Sometimes at night when im alone ,
I started to cry again flash back everything .
Sometimes i think i never deserve it ,
I give the best part of me ,
I give you my trust ,
I show you the best and worst part of me ,
You fool me and played my life
I lost myself again ..

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