Don't leave

Just a poem i guess ? Is this counted a poem with english error? Nevermind just give me the chance reader :)

Don't let me go ,
Don't leave ,
Don't left me ,
Don't ever walk away ,
If you think my life will be better without you ,
Or maybe you just afraid hurting me ,
Because you still care about me ,
I believe you still feel the same like i do ,

Don't say you tired ,
If you actually love too much ,
Don't say if you leave is for my good ,
When you know i love you  ,
I cry when you hurt me ,
Is because you mean a lot to me ,
Secretly you have been apart of me ,
So don't dare to leave me ,
I don't want end up crying every night ,

Do you know how happy im with you ?
Do you know every night i thanked God ,
You as my present from God ,
My guardian that protect me ,
Because you re the one ,
Keep on holding me ,
Don't leave me .

Sometimes i afraid to face the next day ,
Because i don't want to wake up ,
If you gonna leave ,
I don't want too.
I rather stay in this dream ,
That you forever re mine .
I love you , so don't leave ..

Is this true? :O :)

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