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Alright i don't know whether this list of idiom gonna help SPM candidate but i really hope this can help you. And to others who planned to copy this to ur blog please one thing all these credit to my school teacher . All this is develop by Sir Zainurin , Master Teacher of English Language ,Smk Kulim , Kulim kedah Darul Aman . So mohon this kredit to my sir . Jangan pandai pandai pula faham apa saya cuba  sampaikan right ?


1. Alive and kicking - Healthy and Alive
His uncle is 80 years old but he is still alive and kicking

2.Above oneself- self satisfied
He is above himself after wins the game

3.Ahead of (one's) time -Further advanced in knowledge , fashion , etc
The boys' computer skills are well ahead of their time

4.Beyond reproach - Perfect
He is like an angel. His traits are beyond reproach

5.Big name - A famous person
Datin Vee is big name in cattle business

6.Dark horse- A person of unknown abilities and may spring a surprise
The athlete proved to be a dark horse by wining a gold medal

7.Diamond in the rough-A potentially excellent person or thing hidden by a rough physical look
She may not be a cute person but she is a diamond in the rough

8.Driving force - A person or thing that gives motivation
He is my driving force to study Braille and sign language

9.Easy on the eye(for human only) - Attractive , beautiful
Lola, whose look is like Maya Karin is easy on the eye

10.From rags to riches - From being poor  to being very rich
I am proud of him as his diligence has taken him from rags to riches

11.Generous to a fault - Excessively generous
He is generous to a fault. He donate rm1 million every month

12.Have a flair for (doing) something - To have a natural ability to do something
He has a flair for speaking in public

13.Have a gift gab- To be able to speak well
The headman had a gift of gab .He could argue very well

14.Have a bent for (doing) something- To have inborn talent  for (doing) something
The girl has a bent for singing and dancing

15.Have an eye/ a good eye for something - To have a good judgement for something
Malik has an eye for man's fashion

16.In Clover - living in comfort and luxury
He lives in clover as he is the King 's son

17.In the lap of luxury - In very luxurious conditions
After marrying the business tycoon , she lived in the lap of luxury

18.Kindred spirits - People with almost the same habits , interests , etc
Since both of us love fishing , we are kindred spirits.

19.Live wire - A person with great energy and initiative
You should appoint him as the leader as he is a live wire

20.Man of his word - A person who keeps his promise
Trust him as he is a man of his word

21.Rise to the occasion - To show that one can deal with a difficult situation
I respect him because he rises to the occasion even though it is his first time taking  part in a debate competition


1.Apple double standards- to treat someone differently from another
Some parent apply double standards among their children

2.At loggerheads- In disagreement with someone
My mother in law and i always at loggerheads

3.Blow one's own trumpet - To boast about oneself
He is not rich but he likes to blow his own trumpet

4.Cold fish - A person who is unsympathetic
She was a cold fish as she just smiled at the beggar who was begging for some food

5.Cry wolf - To complain about something when nothing is really wrong
She is crying wolf so just ignore her

6.Devil-may-care - Unconcerned , unworried
You must not have devil-may-care attitude if you want to succeed

7. Have a heart of stone - to be unfeeling
He had a heart of stone for chasing his mother out of his house

8.Hen-pecked husband - A man who is dominated over by his wife
His wife decides everything because he is a hen - pecked husband

9.Hot-headed - Easily aroused to anger
Her abusive husband is a hot headed man

10.In a daze- In a confused condition
All the injured accident victims were in a daze

11.Jack-in-the-box - A person who is always restless or does not sit still
He is like a jack-in-the-box.He fidgets all the time

12.Jaywalker- A pedestrian who crosses the road without looking.
When you drive along Gaya street , please be aware of jaywalkers

13.Lame duck - Someone who is incompetent
Hasnan is a lame duck and will cause his group a great loss

14. Lazy bones - An idle person
He refused to do any work as he had always been lazy bones

15.Leopard cannot change its spot- Man cannot change his character
I know making changes is not easy but we should be a leopard that cannot change its spots.

16.Like a bull in a china shop-Very clumsy and destructive
He stays away from the mugs on the shelf because he is like a bull in a china shop

17.Like an ostrich with its head in the sand - Someone who refuses to face realities
The old actress is like an ostrich with its head in the sand .She thinks she is still popular.

18.Like talking to a brick wall - To persuade someone who is stubborn
I felt like i was taking to a brick wall when i talked to my stubborn uncle

19. Lose heart- To become discouraged
After failing his drive test for the third time , he began to lose heart.

20.Wet blanket - A person who spoils a cheerful atmosphere
We did not invite her to our party as she was always a wet blanket

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