She is a cold hearted girl

 She did

Yes , im cold hearted girl . Im bad temper . I don't even make sense when i talk. All she do is being selfish . All she care is her . What she do is only for her , she had a laser mouth .A good and perfect bitch. . Do anyone ever be in her shoe ? Do anyone ? Do anyone watching how she change the pain , sadness to strength to move on , to let sadness be her bestfriend? Do anyone know what she really pray before she sleep ?Do anyone really know why she turn into cold hearted girl ? Do anyone really know why she so emo ? Why she love to sit alone at the corner ?And do she really love it? . Do anyone really know what she have been go through ? Do anyone know she might actually in hospital of disease leukemia now if that day she didnt went to hospital ? Do anyone know how many times she wish to die.. Do anyone know how she survive? ...Do anyone know what make her today ? :') You dont notice me

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