I like guys that ..

Hai ,

Well i wanna update many entry because i don't know when i can update again. Since i got ideal or topic to talk about so here im to share about what guys might make me fall for or maybe guy that caught my attention. Well isn't have to be Love , first of all.

1.Taller than me . Because i feel kinda cute when i look at that them i put my head up .Im just 158 cm shuu not shorty it just cute enough for earth monster.So be thankful boy XD

2.Loving Animal . I not pro about pet but i like guys that love animal surely less cruelness inside his heart

3.Love Earth .To be honest i really hate  guy that love throw rubbish everywhere . Wei Deyyy u see or dustbin is there .Oii.

4.Brave . I love guy who re brave to stand for justice . Come on most guys brave for nonsense thing such like gangster world , mat rempit , drug .Hoi u think cool hor?

5.Less Ego more Emotional . To be honest i love guys who re emo like me . Because i love guys that know how to express their feeling not building wall around their heart damn damn damn laa.

6.I love guys that Accept & Respect my opinion that Man and Woman are same stage . Girl re not under boy or etc opposite. I really hate those jerk thinking this way.

7.Not over social - To be honest i don't really like guys keep going around there and here.Because this type of boy surely have no time for friendship or there for me when i need.

8.Appreciate - I like guys that know my exist who will appreciate and thing that i did for him .He will show that she really care and thankful for what i did even it is not a big thing .

9.Loyal - I like guys that loyal to his friendship , family and relationship and i might just fall for a guys being the way he being loyal to his Gf but so far i never see one haha .Hard to find .

10.Jogging - I love guys that will jogging with me . Not really love just like , because someone of them don't really go jogging willing go jogging with me so thanks bro ..

11.No Mr.Busy - I can understand if guys re busy but can't you make a little time for you lady . I like guys bestie that will be there for me emergency .

12.Caring - Guys that not only must caring to me but to the earth. No matter plant, human or animals they create by God . Love them like God love us .

I know i can find all above from a man. Impossible i know no one is perfect . :) It just a random . :) Don't think too much . Guys i like not i love :) Love you all keep the smile peace weeeee

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