Life being stuck

Hai bloggie ..

To be honest im not really feeling , but something really happen around . But i guess i dont want tell alot what happen just it happen to my papa . :/ now he still at hospital . Really life stuck now. .Really my life went totally worst as it can . But luckily mama , grandma ,sis , bro , mif , uncle , carmen re here with me . I feel better , i will stay strong. Just to be honest im tired on people temper . Sometimes those re to hashiee . it hurt i wanna be patient but it was hard i wanna fight back then im totally rude.

Well , im ok and i will be better soon. i wish everyone re fine . There is always a way , at least you guys problem really not as hard like me. I have to do it but im out of way i can  only try my best avoid myself to into it . Not every problem we can share in blog sometimes . Human need privacy , blog just a place to make yourself better find a friend you can trust or your family re better.

Im lucky , i have people around me to give me support my family member re here. Im actually damn lucky . Im also lucky to have sibling that give me a best advice . i have Him that give me support . I never thought i will let him see the weakest part and ugly face of mine moment. He was there not only for me but my family member too. After that night , he will visit me everyday yes .Already 3 day he cames to my house and sorry Ultramen i have to give your phone number to mom because if mama have anything emergency he can find you. Haha btw i really felt so sorry . He must be tired helping me , my family . Now most of my family he met already :3 . Sometimes i really feel tired when i see him i just feel i wanna hug him and rest in his chest .But i still realize what im doing. So i wont i will control myself . His being over good enough than a boyfriend should. :) I glad most have my family member started to like him grandma say he is nice guys and have a nice look wow acecece.

Please stay strong dear reader no matter who you re , remember there is always a way for you never give up , and if can find one . Begin it with finding peace mind and soul . A heart that open to accept everything , to forgive. Believe God just giving us a test to stay strong and keep on moving. :)Pray for papa gonna be fine not only in his injured body but a peaceful mind and soul . I feel so depress to see him this way . I guess i can just avoid my mouth open .:)

Silent tear

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