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Hai everyone ,

Hai dearly , bably . Haha and everything well how re you guys? I hope you guys in a good and awesome condition. Hmm exam dah dekat risaunya , paling risau tak ley score bio , math , addmath T_T Tolong la akuuuuuuuu ! I m trying learning online , even i have tuition i really kinda worry . Because i skip my tuition for a few day i have no choice because im totally sick not pretending or drama . Hmmm do you guys having same problem like do ? Never  mind if you do , let try harder :) As long there is a life there is a hope so dont give up .Would you let go someone you love when you know once you let go , he never return ? i wish i could back to time where i make discussion , where i confess to him .  I wanna act more mature next time . Hmm . To be a girl is hard where love feeling exist , and you know you never get him or if breaks your heart. Love or stop , i heard teacher say dont couple on form 4 & 5 . Im worry. I have many thing in my mind but i guess now i choose to ignore exam is near so i wanna concentrate on my study first . Love and etc i will put it second .

You know him , the real him where sometimes you can't really accept the way he is . You know he could bring you endless happiness and sadness . Which one will you choose ? Leave or stay ? Sometimes some of his action you didnt seem can understand or accept . You love him so much u try ur best to accept but once he did thing that make u feel so hard to tolerate or accept , you feel just wanna give up ,  dah la tak nak fikir da be happy :D laparnyaaaa T_T

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