Apa salahnya korbankan diri kita demi kebahagian orang lain.

Dear blog ,
Always be hopeful..
Hai , how re everyone ? fine? Im fine :) well that is lie . But i will stay strong heee :D . Alright to be honest we always think no one can understand , no one re real they stay because of what we have like example money , popularity . We feel we re trapped with problem , with all those stress make us so tired to keep living as human and sometimes we even think we wanna die . But to be honest what you wanna answer when God ask us what have you done on this earth ? Why ? We have did this and that to other , but do we actually realize they actually do the same like the way we do ? . We say our parent don't understand us , but do we really understand them what we ever think is they forcing us this and that . Ya but don't you know how tired they re just make sure there is food in the kitchen , there cloth , money and luxury life for us? We jealous seeing our friend having those latest gadget we blame our parent for not able to give us that  , but what do we give to our parent ? Why should i give anything to my parent , their responsibility to take care of us, ya same our parent responsible for that , but do ever God give them a task to give us those nice cloth ? those delicious food ? those big room , big bed ? No . Aren't we selfish ? aren't we ? We blame people , we scold them , we judge , we hate them for not being understand . When think back don't you feel full of sin ? Well im .

Our parent have their problem , sometimes when they scold us because of stress well , take a step back and be tolerate who know they might get a back scold from their boss but they still keep working because if their don't where we gonna live? what we gonna eat ? How could we get a good education. To be honest i was that type of daughter , i get angry when my dad scold me . But i realize i deserve it :') and i will be tolerate since that accident. I dont mind , how tired im , i will study and do my best for spm so i can get scholarship . I won't waste my money on those hangout . I take science stream which got biology isnt what i want , i want to take account , i wanna be a success business woman , but i my mom wish is a doctor so i follow her . Why ? Because im not born from rich family , my father don't have a company , my father isn't a business man . If i really wanna be business woman , what i can do ? I follow my mama , i believe mama know the best , i won't success without my mama , papa blessing . Their happiness re mine . :') I rather all those pain they go through , re the one i go through . I rather that day at the hospital wasn't my father but me . .
I don't have a choice ? I guess i have but do my choice will bring happiness and luxury life after ten years ? will it be? Maybe i should just listen to them ..I make their choice as the best and only choice for me , even sometimes it wasn't my wish , wasn't what i always wanted . Is time i sacrifice myself this time .

To ultramen : thanks busy and forget me :') . good good i thought we could fix it but u break it :') u break my heart again after that day our relationship recover . hmmmm could dare u ! :'( i never give up on us but why you need to force me .. comment , like the girl status , didnt text me , u told u re busy :'( . i hold my phone while i sleeping so i wont missed ur text ..

else and anna

Have a great day :*

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