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Dear blog,

How re you guys ? I hope u all re find . How is exam ? Not so good dont worry we try better again next time :) Noting is impossible to achieve we try . Failure just a opportunity to begin intelligently :)My reseult re not good but im kinda happy because i didnt fail in my addmath i know it is not something to be proud but atleast my effort show a result . Im trying to falling love with PHYSIC recently i found kinda hard but nevermind .

Alright i will share recently funny or interesting .But first i m so sad i lost my purse damn .So sad because it is gift from my friend name athirah she bought from vietnam n few of my classmate also now using the purse she gave and we like gang . And inside got my photo ohh damn . damn. hmm i really so sad. Last time athirah and me re really like enemy but we get better this year now we re like bestfriend hmmm . so sadd .Like never imagine she will give me the purse like we were enemy before . i hope  can find and she wont misunderstand . I love my friendship with my new classmate .

i awkward romantic scene happen on me at school but so sad. Pergi bilik guru hari tu sebab ada benda nak cakap dengan cikgu then ingat nak masuk bilik cikgu tu tapi tgk cikgu dok bincang so berdiri berfikir nak masuk tak then tiba tiba aina , atirah panggil jess , so saya pusingkan badan then mana pusing betul betul menghadap a Sir . Memang betul betul rapat hampir kena kiss nasib saya pendek sikit , (sikit je kay) kalau tak memang hilang kiss camtu . Arghh damn malu . Cikgu tu lalu then aina nampak cikgu tu ketawakan aku . I was like ohh no apa aku buat ni ? Damn segan arr .Malu sangat , imagine tiba tiba pusingkan badan depan muka , muka cikgu arrrr serammm . Kalau sehun or lay or kris tak apa aku kiss terus arr . HAHAHAHAHA ! Omo omo *blushing* ok tu je la btw planning my next entry i will write about marriage since my friend wanted know do i plan or will i marry with him but not confirmed yet .


I love you so much but i hate the way you treat me with your reason 'busy' . A text wont take a year to send to me . So do it really that hard . You make sick of this love sorry i love you but i hate it .

Take care guys jgn careless like i do kay sampai dompet hilang. And be happy go lucky . :) dont worry im totally fine

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