I am annoying ?

Hai human , alien and monster

 Does this count as annoying

Hai , how re you guys ? hmm im fine just my leg a bit pain :) i fall down during rehearsal of Hari Anugerah Cemerlang i was rushing running to dewan coz i guess im late and i worry aina got mad with me . And ya fall to the ground , the most pain part is my elbow because my bone like get a big hit when i try to hold myself from really hit the ground completely . And my leg kinda pftt . But i didnt tell any of my classmate i just dont want to be attention stalker . That day really my day flip upside down. Sbb teringat kenangan pedih , menyakitkan me with ultramen seharian memang mcm blur . Bila jatuh memang sakit terasa nak nangis bukan sbb sakit but i realized i have to wake up alone without anyone when i fall after the whole night bad memory playing in my mind . But as Iron lady just smile and like yoo im totally fine . I smile and hide my tears deep in my heart.

I choose my own path to walk with head up high when last night i sleep with few tears drop . This is life .Btw sedih juga hari tu mention pasal pergi kelantan but tak jadi bagus juga tak tertinggal pelajaran , teringat encik askar , tentera dah lama dia tk contact aku . Then last malam tu hantar chat dekat dia sebab tak dapat cari dia at wechat . Sedih la rupanya selaman ni dia menghilang tak call tak text rupanya dia tunggu aku text dia dan pada masa yg sama aku juga dok tunggu . Haish tunggu punya tunggu kami ni last aku beranikan diri tegur . Dan part paling sedih dia cuba lupakan aku . Dia ingat dia ganggu aku .. Hmm why semua orang macam tu ? :( Semua nak tinggalkan aku , lupakan aku. Why tell me why . Hmm tak apalah .Kami sekarang dah ada chat at wechat . But i don't know why i started feel like im actually disturb him , i feel like he dont text me that often anymore or talk to me like last time maybe he is busy . Or maybe im actually annoying . Haha i wont disturb him anymore. So sad actually haish ..Apapun kalau awak stalk ni saya minta maaf ganggu awak . :)

Ultramen and me re fine now . I dont think about the past , i trying to give him space because he must be tired rushing going to work . From Raja Uda to Kulim is a big distance . So if he tired then i will tolerate and try to understand . Bye take care study well and good luck for the coming soon exam ya
and sorry annoyed everyone :(


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