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Hai alien monster like me . Haha how re you guys ? Im fine actually i just cry in the afternoon ya for a small heart broken but as you see now you re reading my blog means im ok right? So chillaxx beb ! Alright , i have done my diy lip balm is actually very easy

1. You need vaseline petroleum jelly ya it price is also awesome im not lying . The price is between rm5 -rm8 u can buy it at pharmacy , tesco , giant , watson , guardian and etc i guess . I forget how much i bought this but around rm5+.
2.You need a cases to store your lip balm well im using my old contact lenses case because im not wearing contact lens and actually wearing contact lens we often need to change it cases.

3.You will need a old lipstick or lip gloss actually you can use crayon . But im not that confident with crayon actually and ur old eye shadow or pink blushes ya some kind like that

Alright first you gonna you need a cup of hot water ya and put a small plate above the water surface or small glass above . Alaa mcm water bath kita buat waktu experiment chemistry . Then a few scoop of petroleum jelly and put into plate make sure the petroleum jelly dont mixed with the water . And stir , gaul laa . Then cut the old lipstick into it . Kalau tak guna lipstick  atau perwarna pun boleh . Kalau nak lebih berkhasiat punya lip balm boleh tambahkan sedikit madu . Is up to u la actually but jangan bubuh water opss i mean mixed with water i mean hahaha so stir and stir until it mixture are evens ok ? Then pour those mixture into a empty case that u prepared . Senang je actually . HAHA .

Teringin nak buat business lip balm agak agak boleh jalan tak ? Aku terlalu banyak idea nak buat business biasalah nak kurangkan beban parent kalau boleh guna duit sendiri nak guna sendiri . banyak idea cuma risau kurang sambutan jela biasala kan but kalau aku jual of course aku akan ubah suai resepi ni well biasalah nak jual mestilah upgrade . Sorry if i didnt post and photo . malas >< nnti bila aku post kehidupan aku bersama binatang comey baru aku post ok ? Btw anak murid kesayangan cepat sembuh ye jgn bohong awk ok , kalau awk ok tak akn ambik mc ! apapun jgn lupa mkn ubat ye ?:) Take care everyone muacks bye!

Missed Part

So ya this the result okay , i reupdate again

 and this is the little monster suggies at papa head , this sugar glider re actually not tamed but seem to like papa a lot XD

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