Cant They Understand or Tolerate ?

hai all ,

Well im actually kinda irritated , fuming and heart sinks .Know why ? Because daddy dont me to ride motorcycle  oh damn . But now i feel better after watching dankhoo video hahaha Clik This i like the past part maria .hahahahaha similanjiao !XD bukan niat mencarut !hee i feel better now . Ermm kinda sad like at first daddy say ok . Because if you re real stalker then you might know. I hate you know depending on the others . Hmm They say very dangerous . Everything have it on risk , we re living in the edge of razor so like hmmm pfttt . i try hard wei to survive well not that hard maybe ? LOL ! well not that hard ! But i do work hard to achieve what they hope for .I work hard to fight with my relatives my parent to get a good result after being knock down with their judgement . Because i fail to get straight A's in my UPSR .My uncle aunt say im not that study type and when i get Straight A's for PMR they still think im lucky lol pftt you dont say it out but the look the face re enough to represent their thousands words.For them she is the smart . argh fvck up la them.

Whatever i will work hard for spm i wanna make them regret :P . i know spm is nothing easy anymore .Well ok la lazy already just i willing to give up my dream choose science stream , and i wanna that things that actually will help me like pftt fvck up everything
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Bye sayang , bye stalker muacks

28/7/2014  :) priceless :D

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