Turquoise Green


Tomorrow is my last paper so i decided to bla bla here my theme colour this year will be turquoise green slightly like green mint .Haha i got shoe and phone case with that cover so ya. Im searching for skirt or dress some kind of that like cool beb and the nail stuff something peel off i dont know what it name im searching for that colour and i wanna complete my collection omo so excited . hee .Come on dont laugh at me la so shy haha omo over drama queen flip hair one second tadaa. haha . Im fine .  Exam like pftt seriously . Apa lagi nak share tak nak share banyak banyak ramai orang dengki btw semalam birthday ira and jealousnyaa dengar citer bday surprise like omo sweet gila . ERM entah la malas nak bercerita pasal hidup sendiri totally let it be nothing much interesting hahaha . :) byee

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