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helo.yo !

hey stalker yo !how re you .im pretty fine so this entry gonna be like as it tittle so ya . Just my opinion using this phone for about 1 month i guess lalala . lolala. so ya . let started with simple intro .How do i get this Iphone 6s ? well i was walking in a jungle and suddenly there is a gummy bear holding this iphone 6s and it give to me .lol hahaha ok. This is from my mom . My mom brought it from England cause it say it will be cheaper at there . Well sorry don't ask me to help you buy or bla bla because if you convert the money the price will be more expensive so ya get it ? Just buy it at malaysia or wanna get cheaper price try buy at Lazada okay ? but who knows original de ? what if rosak how ? bla bla then your business K. I'm just giving suggestion . one more thing im not rich get it ? don't give me that look or bashing just because i have this phone . mine is 64gb gold colour well actually i did a bit regret for not taking rose pink . nevermind i got insurance so ehem ehem . lala .

actually quite lecah jugaklah using Iphone but worth it . So things that annoyed you will be the appstore , itunes where no song is free .hahahahahahaha . yup .But you still transfer from your laptop or pc to your Iphone.Next is about the 3D thing .yes is cool for me .i like it and it is easier . I found that i was out for seminar starting from about 8 morning to 6 evening and when i reach home and i checked my battery still got 60% ++ and that times was about 8pm already .i take selfie i on data and so on . like pretty good i don't need to bring powerbank . I receive my iphone with 1earphone  , 1 adapter , 1 charger .Well charging my Iphone is pretty fast and the camera is really i love it.At first i was really clueless about the Live photos and finally i got it , so like this so simple just set on Live camera mode and press the camera button for snap and when you snap there will be a word Live so yah when the word Live gone means the live photo session end .sound weird maybe you should try on your own then you will understand .i love the front flashlight .!!! so awesome >.< .

my tempered glass is a bit cracked hohoho what to do .You know me . haha Btw this phone size is actually same size with iphone6 so can use the same phone case with iphone6 . :P

bye dear good reader and hater . Hater just gonna hate so let them be . Take care all my measles is getting better !

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