belo melo milo ?

yo . helo allsssss . so belo . haha nah nah .countdown for what ? well i wanna share some sadness.
ok first i failed my JPJ test . yes i did wrong but in that case i meet cruel JPJ keep n bla bla something to make me lost my focus strict and cruel different thing. kk rsh guess it by urself . and when i end my test the sky start to rain yeay . The cloud fee my pain and cry for me . fvcking ya . when i flash back at jalan raya i should  brek harder so the JPJ fly out from the car i should open his safety belt yey fvck yea regret didnt do it . At first i thought it is my problem but know what everyone go jalan raya with him fail . fvck fvck fvck . blessing for u from me never . buayaaaaaa .at the bukit . i fail because i did not reach the yellow line. and when i free gear i accidentally change to gear 3 bravo clap clap shake my booty . nevermind la . not my luck nahh forget it.

So here story come. i block someone telegram and anyone know how to block someone because i don't want that someone stalk me on my blog . let me clear i don't hate that someone I just think that someone shouldn't really know about my life. i know that someone don't often stalk me or maybe just accidentally click my blog link. But what to do lesson learnt . :) I don't hate him I swear everything past right right ?? my i have to admit i kinda hate that someone , i just started to hate that someone because remember that that someone left me during my difficult time s fvck you .On the time that shouldn't like middle finger maybe . But nah up to that someone , block me ws and i block back on telegram seem fair and square right :) At first i still have a little bit hope on that someone but does not mean i wanna stole that someone from someone kay get that point chick before noise up ur argument toward me :) . But just  sudden realize that the person who i need just right here for me and flash back the painful that someone put me through during my trial and near my spm so fvck ya . You re a bitch you should choose other time but nevermind thank god im finally realize . this few day that someone appear on my dream so ya fvcking nightmare . even it is a sweet dream but your exist spoiled everything fvck it . so ya I DONT HATE HIM YA

countdown for what ? so i gonna go ENGLAND just few month to go but i think i gonna comeback to malaysia or maybe not if my mom settle already for me :) so bye malaysia if everything success . why ? because most of my batch know what happen right ? so ya i dont talk politics here
still fever of fsog

so bye ladies and fbck u hater mucks 

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