hello leeds !

helo everyone ,

hai reader , here im update of my life at here . so im safely arrived at leeds .tehehe . So i just wanna share something i was really enjoyable in the KLM flight i think the service and everything is awesome .I do alot shopping here actually .I lived with my mom here , so im happy with the new environment . BECAUSE IT IS SUPER COLD .Even im typing now my hand cold as ice . hahaha but normal , i dont like to switch on the heater actually it is very dry and i feel uncomfortable i only switch on when  im going to bath because it is very cold when you get out of the bathroom. haha.Everything at here re not costly actually . kinda cheap actually like i can get a hair oil which malaysia re almost rm50 here just 7 pound which really super cheap so if convert to ringgit still cheaper .benda kat malaysia kadang mahal sial , i realized after i reach here like super superr dohh. ok whatever the first day i reached my mom and uncle paul fetch me .when i was penang airport my family cry even my dad do . like i gonna miss all of them i swear ! the most i miss is my grandma haha . i call my grandma every week . i miss my honey too hee. we do videocall everyday actually . i wechat my family most of the day not everyday actually . i dont really feel that heavy that heavy to leave malaysia actually too many bad memories for me actually and i came here to pursuit my studies and move on. No one can stop my dream yes my dream don't you ever tried . Sorry my i really hate and never be a housewife after spm . like come on i waste my time at school not only for that . not insult to those who re housewife at my age , just different opinion . My dream re everything to me . i wont give up for love sorry or family .  Honest im selfish but u can do anything else but not my dream don't teach me to marry no too early . i think most bitch need to calm their tits .you have your family your responsible your dad , your mom please don't ever be naive give up ur dream for a man . You can still study and marry at the same time . Ya strong game for those strong woman out there that can did that .me ? nahh calm your tits . still too young  :D sorry haha
know what yesterday i guess a stranger pass by my mom take away shop with her husky dog and the dog come near me and smell me . The lady told me the dog is very tamed and i touched the dog it is about 2 year and half. i be like oh no i wanna the husky for damn much oh mai god . i have photos to share when im at aunty ricky house uncle paul ex sister in law .aunty ricky cat was like damn damn
at aunty ricky house

ohh the sheep is so sweet :D

more pretty than you

the dog named jasmine seriously trust me he is already ten years 

barang sini gila murah tk perlu convert syg

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