saying inspire by music box version just be friends

hey ,
Sorry i really can't sleep i was disturb but the perfection of music box version of just be friends. So i decide to let myself sink in the rhythm of it.I know is sound so opposite but this is how i feel when listen to it because it is slow maybe listen to original will be different . Hopefully you enjoyed this , i try to change into lyric but my voice just envy of me so much so i can't sorry .I actually used to write sad quotes but now i just can't my feeling re just numb in a relationship i loved to write sad quotes but i can't now .I used to have own space to express all but i guess i just need a heart broken to able to write quote like last time again.Very sorry all my idea just lock out .I think the best times i express my heart broken when i have my very first badly heart broken injured my mental all is with this mr.K. I cry out in school , silly me.But is ok , few mistakes re needed to get the best :) Mistakes re the evidence of me being brave . I express means by writing quote , stories and etc not crying but i do cry , i love to cry sink myself in sadness i undergoes depression before .Ya but long time ago , now jececlyn just numb

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We cant just be friends 
How could this  ever happen to us ,
Now i can't let go every pieces of you ,
Please dont ever forget me
For now and forever
Maybe is time to move on ,

But you pop out everytime
I try to be happy without you ,
Isn't me not trying.
We cant just be friends

Tell me how ,
Please don't ever forget me ,
For now and after ,
Because you all i see in every shadow of me
Maybe we should move on ,
But the pieces of you grow deeply in me

Maybe i didn't try hard enough ,
Please believe me i try so hard
My breath re beating like a rhythm
Like my lungs is falling down .
Please trust me..

I lost me in you ,
Tell me is the end ,
How be this hard to me ?
Maybe that the best for us now

Don't let me remember .
Of us and you in my life
I swear is torturing me slowly

The wound still fresh
Every tears fall like a knife right into my heart
The cut get deeper and deeper .
We can't just be friends ...

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