LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar REVIEW


Annyeong , jess is back so today i gonna review the comforter bubble bar . yeayyy re you excited ? OK . let begins !

So here the lit intro , i actually i wanted buy bubble bar , after using the bath bomb. So after looking at youtube i decided to find the store lush . How lucky im it is at the city centre opposite of trinity . I went in the first time , and i can't decide what to buy and the smell hurt nose . Because all the products is handmade dude . And lush is against animal test which suitable the soul of me . And the second time i went in with my cousin's gf , Lisa introduce me the comforter it smell bubble like bubblegum ,hahah. .It cost about 4.95 pound i think is expensive but actually i can use few times so not that bad o this is how it look . It produce bubble yaa .many bubble but i think the milky will produce more . so na whatever .let the picture tell you the review okay? gambar mengoda maaf ye ^^
you guys can visit the website Lush <-- .="" also="" and="" b="" can="" check="" click="" here="" review="" the="" there="" you=""> I dont think so we can find this at malaysia . It not only bath bomb , bubble bomb yet it have shampoo , toner , lip balm and so much more !

Review bubble bar

review bubble bar

review bubble bar

review bubble bar

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