Inspired by Once Again songs from DOTS

Sorry everyone for being emo back. This is just random saying inspired by ONCE AGAIN by Kim Na Young ft Mad Clown . This is really nice song .I enjoyed the rap parts .

Sorry for ever being silly trusting things i shouldn't
I can't accept the truths .
Sorry for letting myself blind ,
My heart blinded everything the past .
I forget almost everything , because of the heart.
You left me badly , without turning back
Without stare or glance me for once .
You heart bloody cold ,
Yet the lesson learnt haven't enough for this poor heart.
Yet still keeping pieces of you inside of me .
When you leave without feeling anything
You leave the difficult moment of my life.
My future destroy ..
You the causes of disaster in me .
I'm blindly keeping feeling for you .
Time to walk away ,

Whatever damn come into my mind is you.
I can't let go
But i want to move a step and step away from you.
Sorry for still never forget a heartbreaker like you
Sorry still wanna love you
When everything is proven wrong .
Sorry to myself .
Let myself sink in the good memories
When the pain you put me in is more than every good memories
I almost lost my life .
I don't want to live without you .
But you don't deserve me .
Keep telling myself i need to stop
Stop in the illusion of love
When there is actually no love exist
When you left me during the hardest time of my life
Even doing my exam , i feel wanna cry
I can't focus , i wanna vomit . .

Disaster of my losing appetite 

Almost every papers there is tears that shouldn't fall .
I fail to study and focus ..
Because keeping looking for you .
Being lost in the memories
Let the dreams haunt me every night
Crying every night
For thinking all is my fault that causes you choose to leave .
But actually the real reasons ,
You don't love me anymore ,
That made you take the cruel step
Leave me during my biggest turning point of my life.

I cries every  night ..
But a word from you .
Could put me the highest sky like a heaven
When i shouldn't feel anything .
I don't want be without you anymore .
But there is no turning back for everything ever happen
Please don't lies to me
Say you ever care ,
Say you still there for me .
sorry for ever still hold that feeling  for you and thinking you love me .

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