PCOS and Weight Gain

hello everyone !

I got pcos early of this year after chinese new year , to me is not a big matter because , it just some bubble air near my ovarian . I don't know what the effect , the docs just ask me to lose weight . So , ya it affected me i realised it when i came to England , my menstruation just absent two months and  the third month right now i finally have my menstruation back . Between that , i start to get worried then i finally do some research about this syndrome and i slight scared off and into a slightly depression . I try stop eating chocolate all those sweet stuff and etc like for a few weeks yet nothing changed . Usually when i stop eating chocolate all those sweet stuff , i may not lose a lot of weight but my body usually feel lighter but this time no , i still gain weight and i feel myself so so heavy  and lazy . I know that this syndrome effect me a lot . I guess i can't easily lose weight like other girl without pcos and i gain weight easily . You don't trust me ? google it . Im not giving stupid reason for gaining weight , but it is not easy to lose weight anymore .After finish my menstruation i will start to eat healthy bad , because im just so so craving for bad food like chocolate during my menstruation.

Hair falls and started to grow beard and those misai stuff yup . it started grow slowly because this syndrome , I have more testosterone level then i should , i did cry abit , im not pretty queen but i dont want to be ugly  hahahaha . Ya my face also started grow hair longer my chest too . ya but im fine with it , deal with it .useless for me to cry , i need to find way to lower testosterone instead of crying im stronger now . I been honest about this to my BF  , i so he always repeat the same things , i terima u seadanya . i be so annoyed with this sentence . In my mind be like 'helo awek kau tubuh bulu macam kau misai nanti lerr ' but i be a little silly and brave i trust his words hik hik lala .

I started to take inositol and a good result the next day my i had my menstruation visit me . So ya . so my target right now is lose weight and lower my testerone level. So ya i do recomend try inositol if you have pcos . I brought it from holland and barret if you got member card u will get discount too *Winks winks* . So be happy all .

"If the lies make me happy , don't wake me up .Sometimes to accept the truth someone or something really gone , is hard for me . Let me in my own imagination and drinks because it really don't fucking disturb you at all"

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