Ye Qu by Jay chou translation lyric

I just stuck in this song . I love the melody it make me a bit emo haha .Hope everyone enjoy the translated lyric .Lagu ni orang suka dengar lama lama zamn 80 -90 an tak akan minat rasanya .. But this song really so nice .Minat  Jay Chou dengar la ye . I dont own this translation lyric ya .


Rotten flesh swarmed by blood hungry ants.
I am motionless, staring at the lonely scenery,
Without you, love and hate starts to become clearer,
Without you, there is nothing else worth being happy for.
When doves do not signify peace, I am finally alerted,
that what flocks in the town square are actually vultures,
I use lovely rhymes to describe the stolen love.
Ahh, clouds start to block vision and the night is no longer clear.
The funeral's echo in the part is travelling all around the sky.
The white rose I gave you became worthless in the darkness.
The crows were roosting eerily quiet on the branches.
Quietly hear my grey cloak wanting to warm you. 
Memories that turn cold day after day.
Life went on and on
Ahh, all around is mist. I stand before an open graveyard,
promise to love you till I turn old.
Playing Chopin's nocturne for you,
to remember the dead love inside me.
Sounds like the wind at night.
The pleasant sound of my heart breaking.
Fingers playing gently on the keyboard.
I carefully yearn,
that you're buried in the nether world.
Playing Chopin's nocturne for you,
to remember the dead love inside me.
Helping you to stay unknown,
playing the piano under the moonlight.
My feelings for your heartbeat,
remains warm and clear,
remembering your blood red lips.
Those broken-winged dragonflies, spread out in this forest.
But my eyes show not the slightest sympathy.
Without you, every drop of water remains turbid.
Without you, I will never smile the way I did.
Wind mocks my sadness above the mossy roof.
I use poignant words,
to describe that love I regretted losing.

Not everything is worth to be fixed sometimes it just better when you let go . Don't think and be so serious about everything that causes you stay at the same place and can't move on-Jececlyn Greenie-

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