do you turn into what you want to be?


selamat hari raya saya ucapkan . Do you turn into what you want to be ? Do you? I'm confused . I wanna be a veterinary surgeon . But i don't even know how to start where to start .I feel messed up yet another thing i have a quite high request upon myself but the I'm that high level or really reach the standard yet . I'm so clumsy , i need to kill my clumsiness before other livings . There is a moment i want to be neurosurgeon it was before i met my cat i know quite funny . Like see ya , i want to be veterinary surgeon because i wanna help the stray cat , dogs and etc yet i can't even handle a simple task like animal body is more complicated . I found myself sometimes like to analysis disease and google some symptom of some disease or syndrome . I don't even good at biology but something i interested . I guess i just watch too much drama lately effected by K-drama 'Doctors' and i wanna be like the main character .The girl that can fight and strong with high IQ . Like damn why life so complicated . I guess path to be a veterinary surgeon is not easy, i can't even make decision by myself and i need people to guide me . I'm not a fast learner either , i don't wast my parent money on education like trying thousands of thousands money into the dustbin . I was a little girl who trained well by my father in kicking boxing and i really can fight but look at me know ? I don't even think    i can really escape if a man who is skinny than me try to sexually harras me . where the little strong girl ?i really need to be good protecting myself even probably no one here wanna harm me or do anything sexually to me because im not really super good body and the best part im not pretty either i don't know how to make up haha teheee . so i need go to the bookstore to restore the strength in me find motivation and brought card for my stepfather nehh . I hope i can find a book that bring me calm and peace and strong . Aren't i too greedy ? nahh who care ! gambate !  gambate ! gambate ! go go go !! let the past as a motivation to be someone better , and let future  keep the strength to adventure more and develop a better self of me . be happy cheng cheng cheng !

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