Break Up

Dear Diary,

Yesterday go to picnic at monkey beach ! Quite fun actually !^.^
Not so boring.K, diary today i break with him the 33th day we together.Actually yesterday night i told him i wanna break but he keep on bagging me . I can't do it. Even myself started to cry.He keep on saying sorry. I so sad when he forget yesterday 8/6/2012 was the day i start couple with him :'( how could he forget. The whole afternoon i am waiting for his message .You break my promise again. I totally broken . You say you won't did again after this. I see the changed in you.You start to treat like beginning .But, my heart already sick of that. I like someone else. I also like him too. I don't know how to continue with him if i love someone else in the same time. I feel like this  is wrong. Sorry syam , i like you too. I know you love me. I love you too . :'( . I am speechless now. :'( I can't continue writing this diary ...i feel worst now

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