Long time

Dear Diary ,

Since a long time i didn't update my blog. I am lazy to update.The truth is i don't know how.I feel shamed on myself.I always being too weak in love. I can't hold the pain.But forget it. Now i have to sleep early . Phone and laptop 're not allow in room after 11:30 midnite . Seem like hell but it for my own health good . I have to be strong healthy or not can i continue fighting and be stronger? I don't want enter hospital anymore.Yea. i come out from the hospital is Wednesday night. So seriously i miss my room .My room look different more neat and clean my mami clean it up ! Thanks you mama .I love you muacks muacks ! So of course i wake up lat Thursday absent . And this 20th have to go to Hospital for a checkup ~! I miss grandma a lot !! Happy that she back. Ok. I wanna tell something i got Bf now. New Bf. The boy that make me can't sleep . Make me wake up in the noon. The boy that never leave my mind. The boy i always try to forget .Since both of us seem to never together.But now he is mine.I happy to have him as mine.But at the same time i feel guilty to Syam :( Sorry Syam. But i really like that boy so a lot. I try not to but i fail .He is on mind every moment. :) 14 June he is mine.
Yeah really so happy.He Sawan Me Gila = Bahagia ! Hahahahaha Seem funny rite? Kidding . Yesterday go library i wanna finish my folio sejarah but until library only i know i forget to bring My school magazines .Shit. So i walked to Hidayah shop , but unluckily she is at the tuition .Normal thing boy surely disturb i just ignored it


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