Sorry again.

Dear Diary !
I am wrong. Wrong. Everything go wrong. I mean myself not him. I love him but i realized now i make a mistakes. I coming to his life is a big mistakes. I make him cry for me . How teach me.How to love you without making cry. Without hurting you?I love you but i make you cry. I scolded you always . I really sorry for what i did . Because i hurt you . I make you get mad. I really sorry i love you . What should i do ? I love you damn damn much. How to make you happy?

I Regret : Not because couple with you .But accept your love without let you know the real i am . & now you have to  accept my real worst attitude . Now you have to patient with my bad temper

I'm Sad : Not because i am sad of you. I am upset of myself for can't bring you happiness .&  I am sensitive of every word you said because your word mean a lot to me. I never meant to make you sad.But what happen i just did make you sad . My love hurting you .Sorry

I'm Lonely : I know you did spent time on me. You can't spent 24hour for me. I know , you also have your own space to be alone. Sorry but i just wanna spent every moment , every second , every minute of my life with the one i love .I am too selfish.

I Cry : I always cry . Sorry, i am not crying baby. I try to be strong and be cherish more. But when it come to love i really don't know how to go through it. I cry because i feel upset when i am perfect enough to stole your attention more. I wish could be perfect enough to stole your attention.All my tear i fall for you not because i want you to pity you. I am not acting.

Love : I love you so much. I know you love me too. We love each other . But i'm so wealthy , i always not satisfied with the love that you have given me. I know you have given me a lot. I am like a vampire who keep on hungry of blood every night . Who getting addicted with your love

You : I am happy to have you. I am proud to have a boy like you as Mine . I very so happy, you have a cute and charming face and also nice hairstyle . You also have a cute voice and always sing song to me :') Your smile seriously melt my heart. Each time i see the smile in your picture it really melt my heart. I never thought i can get a handsome and sweet boy like you.Thank you for being Mine. Believe i never cheat on you..You re the most i ever wanted now.

Time : I realized our time and maybe both of our world re different. You re morning school & i'm afternoon school. So sorry if all your evening spending missing me and waiting me.I know it is not easy to wait for me until i finish my class.Because very so many hour. Thanks you for waiting me until i come back from school. You re super duper awesome!
I wish you can spend all your afternoon with your activity not in the night please spend it on me? Sorry if i am so wealthy .Please :'( i know you re busy .But i need you by my side.

Sorry : Sorry . I really sorry for my word that harsh and hurt your feeling . I really sorry ! Please forgive me. I am also so shamed of myself because my bad temper .:'( .. I love you but i always scolded you . Surely you get bored with my attitude.I know my attitude like a shit! Because i get angry easily with you . I scold you always and take everything so serious . Sorry dear. Sometimes i know the way i am hurt you a lot. You want to changed me into a soft girl. But i'm trying.Please accept the way i am. I try my best to be as you want. Please .. I know i hurt you a lot. The way i am. Please reply my message man.-.- i know you re not rich. Just at last reply don't let me wait for you for hour and hour. I will get mad and i'll turn into a monster like HULK . sorry baby for the way i am. I try to be a perfect Girl to you

Please dont leave me..... :'(
Maaf panjang sangat dan segala kata kata saya yang sakiti perasaan awak. Saya sayang awak :)
Tapi awak masih nak tinggalkan saya. Then.......

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