My jealous now re dead . U happy ?

Dear Diary,

Do you know a song name Cupids Fall ? I don't know when i listen this song i feel so different , i guess really describe my feeling. So emo ? I always emo. :) Many people say i am emo too much , mostly when their see my post in my own group  . All about love and mostly sad. When i told them my age they don't believe it . Love is don't really care what is your age. Cupid will exist not matter what age re you . Because love is like the oxygen in the air .

I feel so good now . Now even do he don't text me , i won't feel that sad , i just make a conclusion he have no credit . I won't cry anymore when i see not new message in my inbox from him. I glad that i stop wasting my tear . But i don't know why when i'm writing this i feel sorrow inside of me . Jealous i'm actually a girl that get jealous even for a little small matter . But now , i'm tired of it anymore. I have stop getting jealous seeing him twit someone else . I not sure what is the reason. Maybe i realized how silly i'm loving you when you don't really care . :) Awak , dear ultramen kesayangan saya , akhirnya masalah cemburu buta saya dah tak ada dah , awak boleh terus main comment or twit dengan kawan yang perempuan .Walaupun selama ni awak bukannya kisah sangat . :) Tapi bukan salah awak sebab dari awal , awak memang banyak kawan perempuan . Cuma saya sendiri yang tak biasa. Awak happy tak ? Saya dah tak cemburu buta , saya pun dah tak cemburu . Nanti tak lagi kita gaduh  :

Maybe lepas ni kita pun tak akan bergaduh ni . Sebab makin lama saya dah bagai tak ada perasaan seperti cemburu buta , sakit hati , sedih or kecewa terhadap awak lagi. Perasaan dulu kembali bila Mr.K tinggalkn aku dulu. Teramat kosong apabila beribu kesedihan terperangkap dalam diriku. Tapi saya dah okey . Saya rasa tenang sekarang, sebab saya tak nangis untuk awak ultramen :) <--- .="." br="br" cupids="cupids" fall="fall" for="for" you="you">
P/s : I hope you will tell me not to change into like this , say you love me a lot . You don't want me to go . But i know it was just a dream that never came true when you don't really realized if i ever move on or gone . :'(

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