I choose be HAPPY :D

Yoo !Hai everyone hai blogger..

Im totally enjoying myself be happy with the song 22 by Taylor Swift . Yeay  this song giving me high spirit . HaHaHa . Yeay . Why im so happy ? Anything happen ? Wei share la  ? Haha well actually nothing happen . Wohooo , Pmr Over now headache choosing subject for form 4 . I think i gonna choose account , i wanna be rich. wakakaka XD yeay money money forget about the price tag. Hahaha .

Btw , im not fans of Lady Gaga but im pity of her people judging her and misunderstanding herEmbedded image permalink
I saw this on twitter , well it do break my heart , she deserve my respect . Who re we to judge her ? Seriously ? Even she is not a very good example for any under age kid , but why we only see the crazy and bad side of her?  Human re too typical !! We re blind , We love Judging. I'm shame of myself , i judge her before i know her story . But now i won't anymore :D . Stop being typical everyone , just shut up when we don't know something. Haha is better shut up that saying something that not truth and spread stupid news .

If you have two choice between Yes or No . I will choose happy. Happiness is the best medicine for life. Agree ? Sometime i waste my times thinking too much , care too much i ended crying alone. I keep it to myself . Until one day , there is a guy friend . He told me ''everyone have problem that why we need friends to share our problem '' To be honest at first those words really shot my heart. I never expect he gonna say this , because all this time and him was keeping fighting . Alaa like Kucing and Anjing . #SajaSyokGado . hahaha i guess from that day he change my mind about him. Totally from negative to positive. . Kinda funny read our conversation back. Well he actually got that look handsome la , if im a boy i will jealous with his look but not his height XD HAHAHA jahatnyaaaa XD . oppss . Sorry just joke , however he was like a bro , ya buddy . No love love choi choii . Me and Him = Love ? funniest joke ever ! Never happen . But he have been place for me to express my feeling for few day when Ultramen re busy , have no time for me and he also one of the reason i sad . Well this guy friend i call him ZOMBIE ASS . Zombie ass , really a nice friend for share feeling , even do when he give me advised me he call me stupid errrr ! . He help me a lot in my relationship too , i guess if didn't help me maybe Ultramen and I  won't contact now anymore or maybe more worst we might break up. I really thanks a lot to zombie ass . I really never taught he could say like that to Ultramen , i really don't know until i open Ultramen inbox. Serious so touching lehh. He just a friend that i almost kick before , but when i read what he say to Ultramen really. :') wei thanks zombie ass !

I choose to be happy , stop thinking too much and smile. I admit i still feel sad sometimes but i told myself , why should bother to those idiot did?Isn't im letting them laugh at me for success make me sad ? If they really care they won't make me sad right?  Why should i waste my tears and lost my smile . Now when Ultramen make me jealous i told myself move on , and smile because if he really care he should stop and those that gonna break my heart. And thanks to all girl or more accurate hater , hey bitch im stronger la wei !

Aiya don't kedekut laa don't that kiam siap laa smile kay , be happy and sorry for any grammar and typo :D Love ya . Happy always smile always . Happy go lucky

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