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Couple this word re actually common for almost teenager will go through . From stranger to lover and to lover to stranger . How weird was that feeling. Couple or in a special relationship is like a experience or maybe just a tales that make our life more meaningful . Where when you grow old you wish you could story it to your grandchild or maybe not. Is kinda funny someone ever mean so much to you could be a stranger .

I still remember the day , i went to your school for a chess competition and i remember i chat with you before at FB . You told me you was from that school , so after the competition at night i decided to chat with you just like to have a talk haha. From that night i guess we from a stranger to a little closer maybe friend that really annoy me . Hahaha , how funny really was when flash back  :')

He always there every time i online . Is like i just online then im surely if i heard pop sound of message gonna be him . Yes every time  . Haha i haven't ready i jus open Fb pop . Message from him. Hahaha . More often i open facebook when i had problem with my ex . Because i don't really need to tell him my problem always just by the way he text could me laugh and forget my .

After time pass by i always wish you were online , and talk nonsense or arguing with you for something that useless or actually wasting time . Because all those stupid arguments actually light up my day and reduce my sadness .But i found out .. We re not in that stage 'friendzone' is like more . Where feeling start to appear , and you can just keep it into ourselves , after you had an accident , we re like lost contact , the day when i know , i never tired to visit your profile just to know your condition. I don't know how anymore and luckily you re ok. :'D

I admit i kinda like you more than a friend should but at the same time i know you won't feel the same way back so , i start pull myself away . To avoid the feeling that not supposed to appear between us . But .. hahaha is really hard or maybe challenging for us to be together after being relationship with 2 boy i finally with you . Is like making big round just to go to you when i could actually get you by walking straight ?

Finally we could be together ..Go through every best moment together no matter sad or happy. You always apologize to me even is my mistake , that always make me feel guilty and i told myself is not to easy to find someone like you..But sometimes , not every relationship re going well some may stuck in halfway. Love re like cycling ? Playing kites? or baking cake.? Is kinda but is truth. Is maybe my fault we reached this stage. Im tired .

You disappointed me for too many time , you left your word that cause my heart sick and break. And you say sorry and promise and you did again. Im tired. I believe you . But what have you did ?! Going with all your lady i know they re you bestfriend . But i guess you forget i have feeling too each time you go out with your ladies , i found out then only you will tell me you go out with who , is like haha for good if im not angry about that would you tell me the true ?! would u ?! Why can't you just tell me earlier . So i won't misunderstanding , do you know how could for a girl to know her Bf go out with other girl . Im lucky because i didnt  see it through my own eyes because im sure  if i do . I totally will break up with you . I no need explanation , im ego ? im selfish ? When i m not you use that opportunity to fool my heart .
Fotografije s vremenske linije | via Facebook

btw the above pic is the cartoon or disney that i watch for many time and never get bored :D

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