(Love Story) I Love You As Much As I Need Oxygen

 Love story written by monster that who really sucks in english .Credit to me.Dan cerita no copy paste hak aku . Sorry if there is any grammar or mistakes or typo .

I Love You As Much As I Need Oxygen
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Her:I never cheat on you can you just give me a chance to explain ?Please.. *Crying*
Him:Hey ! Enough I don't want to see you again ! You re totally cheapest woman ! How could i fall in love with such woman like you ?! Bitch ! Just get lost !Stop acting! Im tired of your drama !Drama queen *Push her away*
Her:Why ? Why? After all this time been together you still can't trust me ?? *The boy walk away* Please don't leave me . Please ....(where is my mistakes , why he leave me .I never cheat on you.. I never .. You the only one have , everyone are leaving me ..Why ??)

Everyone choose to leave me. But luckily i found you , you give me to strength to face the truth when my parent pass away . You teach what is life , without you maybe i won't have strength go on this life . I wish you could understand how much you actually ever mean to me. Can't you see you re my strength you re like my oxygen you re the reason why i still breathing today without your support i might give up on my life. I don't mind what other say about me , but how could you say i cheat on you . How could you . You re all i need , you re the most perfect man i ever see . Why i cheat on you when you re important as oxygen. I hate rumors , now i know how scary rumors

Next day at college ,  who is the girl holding his hand..She .. No no ! Impossible she is my bff how could she do that ? How could..Why ? Re this world gonna end? My bff betray me . haha is this a joke ? Please tell all this are not true this just a nightmare . Please some help me wake me up .. please all this just a nightmare . Please anyone wake me now .. I'm tired .. really tired ...

One day the boy blind because of an accident ,the girl bff leave the boy.The girl went to visit him at hospital .The girl go to hospital everyday and pretend as nurse and take care of him.

Her: Helo ? How re you today ?
Him:Who re you ? Get lost ! I don't want anybody bother me .
Her:Im nurse at here , im in charge of taking care of you . So will you eat medicine now?
Him:Just get lost ! I want my GF . Why she didnt visit me today.
Her:She never visit you in this whole month. Im sorry but please stay strong.
Him:Stay strong ? How could i ?!! Im blind I can't see anything !Everything were too sudden !!
Her:Sometimes is better you can't see. Sometimes i wish im blind too all those betray ..This world re cruel..
Him:Hmm im sorry ..
Her:Do you really wanna see this world back ?
Him:Yes , but doctor say they still can't find right cornea for me
Her:Alright i need to go , you take a rest first i will see you tomorrow morning . :)

Tomorrow morning .
Him:Hey is that you?
Her:Yes , why . You seem so happy today .Is been long time i didn't see you this happy
Him:Well my doctor just bring a good news to me . Someone willing to donate cornea . I can see the world again ! Make sure ! You re the first one i will see !!
Her: WOW ! Thats is great.. i try my best .again congratz !

The boy operation success but he can't find the nurse , he went to ask the doctor .

Doctor : The girl visit you everyday ? She is not our hospital nurse . I taught you know her .
Him: No way ! How come ?She told me she is nurse that in charge take care of me.
Doctor: No , im sorry . Do you know who donate cornea for you ?
Him:No. You never told me doctor.
Doctor: I taught she told you earlier .
Him: What you mean ? I really don't get . Im confused.
Doctor: The girl that visit you everyday not nurse but she is the one willing sacrifice her life just to let you see the world again. This is the letter she pass to you.

Letter ..

Dear you ,

When you reading this letter .Means your operation success and also mean i'm not longer breathing. Well i have to say sorry for lying im nurse that in charge taking care of you.Im not .. Sorry for lying you . But i have no way . You hate me a lot , if i told who im surely you will chase me away. Im sorry i know you don't want to see me again.. But let me take care of you like you do when my parent pass away. You give me strength to face the world now is my turn . I know you don't love me anymore. But please believe me , i never cheat on you. You re my first and last love . :') Im glad you re the one even do you leave me . Without you i won't know the feeling of love . I never taught because all those rumors will make me lost you. Im admit im more broken when i saw you with her, she is my bff . What she do ? How could she do this to me , you re my boyfriend and the only person i believe the most in world. Maybe is my fault if im good enough for you this won't happen , i never blame her for losing you because i know im not good enough. Keep my eyes , take care of it. I never when you come to my house at midnight after i told you how scared im waking up from a nightmare. Haha. I remember the moment we cook together , spent together. I never forget it. I really love you , i need you like i need oxygen to breath. Im broken when you leave me but never as pain watching you with her. Is your choice to choose than choosing me . I know that. . But please believe me i never cheat at you...

How could i cheat on you when you re actually perfect and the only one i need .

How could i cheat on you when you re my strength .
How could i cheat when i need you as much as i need oxygen.
How could i cheat when there is no more space for others in my heart.
How could i cheat when i decided to spend rest my time with you..

I love you , i never regret for what had happen . I know im the most lucky girl the have your love . :') i never forget you . Never :') . I wish you and her forever together happily :')

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