Where is my Mistakes?Apa salahku ?

Hai ,
The strongest women
I choose to smile when im sad. I choose to laugh when i wanna cry because i have to be Iron Lady . Isn't because i dont have tears but what can i do ? Can you tell me ? I cry and cry whole night ? I might get tired and get up on us. We re impossible to stay forever i just realize , i hate being ignore. I still remember the feeling that im so mean to you it was just like yesterday . Everything seem fine . You were  giving support to me , telling me i can do it. Or like the day you told me how cute im in your eyes . How much you can't let me go.Is truth it hurt when someone make you feel so special yesterday and today what just a stranger. I admit today morning i wake up with a broken heart with some tears that i left yesterday night . I feel wanna continue cry when you re online but you talk to me . You make me feel like i was actually as tiny as microorganism like i wasn't even exist . :') To be honest i feel like i have been fool .

What is my mistakes , where is my mistakes ? Till you treat me this way. You don't even wanna tell me . Why ? How you want me to fix my mistakes ? How ? How you want me to save our relationship. Can't you see my heart re sinking ? Our relationship out of way . Can't you heard my heart crying asking you to be like yesterday where you give me support , when you love me so much ? Seriously hahaha . i wanna cry so badly but im too tired. My eye sick. Everything re ok but suddenly you stop replying my chat . I wait for you almost till 2 am morning . You don't even tell me where you go , or what you doing. Finally at the moment i wanna sleep i see you online , i wanna say hai to you but too afraid i annoy you. But i miss you i decide to say hai and you was offline like i waiting for that long and ... hahaha already two night same thing happen . You gone without any word.I guess im the one silly waiting for you. :') you dont even ask me too. Ya i much silly . Silly .. Where is my mistakes till you leave without any word . I waited for you. . . . . 
Finally Pmr taught i can spend more time with you can chat whole day long but haha u re actually more busy.
I really taught before actually the word 'FOREVER' still exist when i look at you. I taught maybe you re the one.

If im pretty ? More cute ? More skinny ? Will this happen to me ? Or maybe more attractive .. I guess if im , everything gonna be better .Maybe he won't treat me this way stop replying chat without any good bye. Sometimes i wish i could be more pretty , skinny . I might wont be ignored in this way . I lost my confident to love again..Last time was my ex , now him.. hmmm ....Maybe im ugly .. :') hmm that why.. If pretty like my friend he wont treat me this way. hmm i lost my confident again.. and again.. i sink in deep sea..How silly am i how could i think we actually might be one . We belong to each other ..hahaha really so silly . Is IMPOSSIBLE Jess .....

Jangan terkejut bila tarikh tu , awak nampak dekat peti surat rumah awak . ada kotak .. kotak yg pernh awak bagi....

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