Ehh !Wait before you fall in love with Jececlyn

Well , hai blogger or maybe reader . So read my title . And im totally fine today . Wait ! Before you fall in love with Jececlyn The Monster there are things that you need to know and understand . :)

1. You fall in love with me , is your problem until you disturb my life then you really get yourself into hot water (cari pasal)

2. You can throw all those rubbish sentences to win my heart , if you don't mind being judge and insult by me

3.I'm impatient hate a lot people reply my text late .

4.When you become my lover then forget other girl out there

5.I love scold you whenever i wish so  think twice again  .

6.Im totally a lazy girl , my room are like a nest .

7.If we're together no gamers life , me or game

8.Me or keep on look at the bitchesssss . choose one

9.Busy ? Go and find a mrs.busy not me

10.I change so fast .

11.I dont care how you feel i only think about me .

12. Im serious , a stupid joke? You will get yourself into trouble .

13.I'm emo really damn emotion

15.You need to know i love Jaejoong a lot . My first bias husband

16.I feel insecure easily

17.I'm over think a simple thing can be like damn thousand sentences

18.I cry too much and i need you when i cry .
Well i just gonna list until here . Maybe this is 18reason why you shouldn't fall in love with me . Or maybe u need to think and come on this just 18 reason there re a lot more . So get up boy u re totally drunk go and find someone else and thanks q . Yes this totally me . So THINK OF IT

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