Everything Happen For Reason

Dear Reader , Blog .

I found i changed a lot recently . Maybe all is because of that accident. Maybe is truth  not maybe but yes . Everything happen for a reason. I never realized how much i need them until i almost lost them . I don't know how important it is until they reach the last step of Gone Forever . How i let myself  never care , i let my heart being cold , being selfish . How i let Hate control my whole heart completely . .

After have a  fight with him i stay away from him . I never be like i used to be. I keep on letting Hate a step and a step near me . I thought without Him . Im better . But im wrong. Until that night . The call from hospital . Yes the Him that im saying is my Dad , my dearly papa . I hate him after that fight . I refused those love . I tell myself no more , i should be selfish . I hate daddy bad temper . But , now my eyes re wide open like last time it should be. He never give up on us he take care  of me , sister , brother, us . I should be more tolerant before this . Im regret why could let myself hate him ?Without his exist im not here . I never thought i would cry when i knew he had an incident . I learn many thing from this incident family re the best thing i could have. I have a great family :') . Family harmony re more important . I learn to be tolerate , push away hate , control my anger and learn to be more understanding about my family member. Is never too late , for us as human to realized it. Money can buy anything . But family harmony need Love not money. Money is a Monster .

To my real mother who born me . Im sorry but you need to know to forgive and forget re not easy . How could i ? I thought i can , i could but after see what happen , how everything happen , those childhood memory you leave scars , the moment i cry alone in the empty class. Sorry . I wont put any revenge anymore . And i hope you know , i dont hate you , but i hate your act. You have reason for your did and why you leave and please understand now i have my own reason why i cant let you in my life. You can buy any awesome gadget but how about those Love that i deserve all this years ? Do you know how hard daddy survive ? A man with three children re not easy. You choose money not us , :') Im iron lady but my heart re not make of iron. When im sick where re u? and why the one take care of me re mama lucy ? To be honest to be a mother is not only about carry a baby for 9 month and born it but the that show you re a mom is how you being responsible to your baby , and your baby life :)

I love my family :) Please hurt me but not them
I love you so much daddy ♡ ♡ ♡

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