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Hai everyone , yehet ! HAHAHA ! maknea style . Ok everyone , im kind of busy recently not really busy just lazy actually hee. So im fine just today teacher changed my place to behind my left side is boy , behind me is boy and it kind of crowded make me feel so hard to breath. But i told teacher already .So i think tomorrow i can sit the place i wanted again. So sad , know why ? Aimuni Aflah a very talkative girl that cheer my life now she is going to vokasional 20 of january really sad . No more friend rice , spaghetti . Hmm :( i lost D.O wife ... hmm When remember she gave us exo notebook like , the last present ohh im soo hmm .. sad . T^T .

Form 4 life ermm biasa la . Just physis is kinda haaa ? Apa ? Faham sikit sikit lah .But sadly i miss bio and chemistry class all because my dear monthly bff per**d . peftt buat sakit perut je ! -.- classmates pun haa nothing much to say . Ultramen ? Hmm jujur tak beberapa ok , God do you heard my prayer ? i guess dear lord u miss it right , i know ur listen my prayer . Dia busy , kami asyik salah faham macam mana la aku pun da blur . I dont know what should i do . I cook for him hope can fixed our relationship but he push me away :'(  . Why he push me away  ?   Sometimes i feel im tired trying but i love him . What i can do just stay strong . Can u miss me before you sleep every night ? Because ur name exist in my prayer everyday , not only him and also my friend too . Please don't simply being cold to me . If you don't want me anymore then please put my in a right place where there is a way i wont remember u , dont act cold. Because sincerely i love you , even your heart might have been changed :') ... i know get bored easily ^^'' because this wasnt the first time being throw away like a rubbish after they re bored with me . hahaha don't worry im ok ....kalau awak dah tak tahan then saya doakan kebahagian walaupun bukan dengan saya .

bye :') take care all be happy and smile

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