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Hey reader , today i will like to do some preview . Well my first preview i guess so ya. Shopping at Santa Rabbit Trading . Ok im the owner too to sell stuff but this time i will like to do preview using water element power bank. Tadaaaaa Yes myself re using this power bank so don't worry i not just wanna publish his insta shop but well im sharing too . So i would like to say it is very comfortable using this power bank why ?
1.Lighter than other power bank
2.Safely easily grab
3.Not slippery and cool design
4.Led light light kinda purple hee
5.Having a high quality
6.Cheap and cute >.<

How much it was? rm58 well if you re friend or good reader i give the price of rm55 exclude postage kay ?

Some info that re provided and know what ? The usb also green color like wow super cool bebbb hee.
Okay serious talk , if you guys i just wanna take granted for his business then please stop reading . All the preview that i will do in this blog is from my own experience so shut up  ya ?Be nice , and i will be nice :)

And this my friend feedback . When we set up the screen protector she told us she had made few survey through a few shop and the price she get rm20 & rm30 ++ tempered glass screen protector only rm18 from us .So ? We also selling original usb , brand like remax , nillkin , lepard and also phone case

The owner try to use this . What it benefit haha easy question no need to bring usb cable because the blue strip is usb . Senang jimat your pocket . Harga pun super murah

Iphone bumper .

Wanna know more? Price either ?

Find us at
instagram : santarabbittrading
Facebook :SantaRabbit Trading
Twitter: RabbitTradding
Or you guys can whatsapp or directly contact me for your phone case , screen protector request ya :)

P/s:Preview yg jess buat semua berdasarkan pengalaman jess . Dan selepas betul jess guna produk tu dan bukan semata mata nak ambil keuntungan kay ? Dont misjudge kay ? Alright that all anything else ?Find me on wechat :Jececlyn_Greenie66

Bye love ya xoxo

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