"Cold hearted , egoistic". She is broken
Her chin stayed up every time she walks  .
Her aura and energy can be felt every time everyone pass by her .
She love staying up at the top of buildings at night by herself.
No man could handle her , she will not lets anyone handle her .
She is the most difficult pieces among the rest .
The world ripped the demon out of her .
She used to think the world is a part of heaven ,
But now to her hell is a part of the world.
She refused to let anyone own her .
Because she know they turned out to be him .
She let the devil in her take over her .
She is not longer having faith and trust in anyone.

She was once ready to let him stay permanent in her life
But to him , she was just a toy and trophy .
He lied , he take advantages of her innocent .
He throw her away like a rubbish when he got whatever he want from her
She begged him not to leave ,
But he wouldn't not stay because he got what he want
He say 'I prefer to be single'
The words still stay in her mind till now.
Few weeks later , he found his new toy.
But the girl break his heart
She feel sad for him .
But she know he will never sincerely love her
She stayed in the corner and watch him slowly broken
Her hearts break too..

Years and years
Her feeling fade .
But she can never forget what he told her
The scars was permanent.
She sure this time gonna work out
But yet this time she was wrong again
He leave , when the time she need him the most.

OK malas da .hahaha tak ada inspirasi for now

Actually apa aku tulis semua inspirasi dari heart break aku yg pertama . Yes he is jerk . Dia janji aku macam macam , i give up myself to him completely but tu la janji tinggal janji je la . Entah kenapa aku dulu serious sangat dgn dia padahal tak pernah jumpa and to be honest luka yg dia berikan sehingga skrg aku ingat yg beza hati aku da lama tak ada perasaan untuk dia . Aku sedar satu benda , lelaki cakap apa pun just lanca* don't give a damn and be too serious . Unless memang dia bawa kau jumpa parent kenalkn kau sebagai bakal bini dia maybe that the time kau serious . Lepas ni tak kisah laki mana aku bercinta or bersama aku just play along . amalkn amalan mampus pi , janji segala benda masuk seblh kanan keluar sebelah kiri . Sebab terlalu full of bullshit bila teringat balik boleh muntah segala janji entah apa apa je .fuckoff . btw teacher parames da jadi convert i be like waaaa cikgu solehah . nanti ada peluang raya nak cari teacher heeee

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